Marine Motor & Generator Repair Tips

About the Marine Generator Rewind Exchange 

Our goal is to get your boat in top form as fast as possible. One way that we expedite the process of repairing generators is through our Marine Generator Rewind Exchange.

Through this program, we send you a reconditioned generator—aka, a “good as new” generator.

It’s an easy process:

  • You send us a small deposit in order to secure the delivery and let us know where you’d like it sent. Typically, this arrives at the address you provide within a few days.
  • Then, you get to work on your own timeline to install the reconditioned generator.
  • Once you’ve successfully replaced your generator, send the one you’re replacing back to us. When we’ve received it, we refund your original deposit.

How long does marine generator rewind take?

Thankfully, a generator rewind is one of the most efficient ways to get you back on the water in peak condition. At Broward Armature, this process typically takes a few weeks. That’s compared to ordering a replacement part from the original manufacturer, which can take months to receive and install. 

However, you may find that our Marine Generator Rewind Exchange is the fastest option for you, especially if you have some familiarity with generators. That’s because you can move at your own pace. You get to swap out one part and swap the other in, with one process.

What are the other advantages of the Marine Generator Rewind Exchange?

In addition to helping you to get back to boating as soon as possible, we believe that this option is empowering for boat owners who like to work on their own vessels and familiarize with every part. But by offering this option and embracing the use of thoughtfully reconditioned generators, we believe that our customers are actually empowering us to keep our prices competitive. It’s a win-win. 

We’re happy to make the first move: We’ll send your part right away and wait for you to complete the installation before asking for you to send us the replaced generator in exchange. That means you get to work with the two parts side-by-side, for the most effective installation process, with everything right in front of your eyes, and in your hands. See how your prior part was installed and replicate it exactly with the reconditioned generator. Many of our customers have told us that they find this helpful, and we’re happy to accommodate them.Plus, all of the parts that we send out have been thoroughly assessed in-house, first. For example, they’re load-tested to exact specs before the part can leave our shop. In fact, we’ll provide you with a copy of the performance output from that test, so you know exactly what expectations you should have for your part’s performance.