Marine Motor & Generator Repair Tips

What Is a Marine Generator Rewind? When Do I Need This Service? 

Marine generators are essential pieces of equipment in recreational and commercial boating. They’re used to provide electricity for appliances on and in your vessel. That’s why it can be stressful if you’re detecting problems with your generator—whether it stops altogether or has started performing with less strength or reliability over time. 

Why do marine generators malfunction?

Many times, this is because generators are functioning in a harsh environment. Salt water, alone, is highly corrosive. As generators are exposed to salt water over time, it can damage the insulation on the electrical windings within the generator. This is one of the most common causes for a generator shorting out, but it’s not the only one. For example, lack of proper ventilation, oil seal failure, engine room flooding, or leaking hoses can also damage the generator windings.

Any of these causes may be the reason that you need a marine generator rewind.

If damaged windings short out your generator, it will stop producing electricity. When this happens, you might feel like the only option is to purchase a replacement part. But that’s not true! In many cases, it’s more efficient and affordable to simply rewind your generator.

What is a marine generator rewind?

A marine generator rewind is when the original copper windings are removed from inside of the generator and then replaced with new copper wire. While this is being performed, the steel housing is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. 

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to rewind your marine generator, as opposed to replacing it, is getting your repairs completed faster. In many cases, ordering a replacement part from the original manufacturer can take a few months. However, rewinding a generator may only take a few weeks. 

Still, it’s important to bring your generator in and have a specialist take a look as soon as you begin to notice a problem with its performance. Tackling the issue as early as possible gives you better options for repair—corrosion, for example, is only going to get worse over time—and taking action can therefore allow you to achieve your solution sooner, at the best price.

Save money and get back on the water faster when you choose a marine generator rewind from Broward Armature. Call us today for a custom quote.