4 Reasons Remanufacturing Makes Sense for Your Motor Repair/Work

When you’re faced with a major repair for your motor or generator, there are a lot of buzz words designed to confuse you and make you pay more for lower quality or get frustrated and buy new. You deserve an honest look at your options and an explanation of what’s available to you.

At Broward Armature & Generator, we’re big backers of remanufacturing because we’ve found that it saves our customers a lot of time and money, while delivering a quality that often exceeds what you experienced right out of the box.

Here are a few of the reasons we think you’ll be satisfied when you choose to remanufacture your next motor, generator, or motor work.

Cost Savings

When your next motor or generator fails, what would you do if you could save as much as 75% off of the cost of getting everything back up and running? That’s a difference you can expect when you repair with remanufactured parts instead of buying new.

Smaller generators, those in the 10 to 25k range, cost about $1,500 to repair but jump up to $4,500 to replace. Larger generators that can cost upwards of $20,000 to buy brand new instead average about <$5,000 to repair.
That’s a significant way to reduce your expenses and keep your business going strong in case a generator failure impacts your revenues.

And you know how they say time is money? It takes about four weeks for companies to get a new generator but repairs can happen in less than one. That’s a big savings we think anyone can get behind.

OEM-Quality Parts

One of the most significant concerns we face is confusion over the remanufactured process. You might be worried that it’s just a fancy name for older used parts – like when you hear about a “certified pre-owned” car – but that’s not the case.

Remanufacturing is the replacement of broken and worn parts with newer replacements that are specifically designed to bring your generator back to the original manufacturer specifications. You’re extending the life of your generator by bringing to an essentially new condition.

Your remanufactured parts are always required to meet or exceed the standards that brands like Westerbeke, Kohler, Northern Lights, and Onan apply to their new parts and equipment.


When you elect to use remanufactured generators and motors from Broward Armature & Generator, it is thoroughly tested before returned to you. Our facilities verify that everything we return is in a “better than new” condition.
How do we do that? We use the best equipment and tools on the market. Often we’re returning generators in better condition than the owners ever remember because we’ll stock you with top parts and some of the best coils around.

Clean Operations

Part of delivering OEM-quality is using the best equipment in a clean environment that prevents the contamination and grime that can harm your generator or motor. We’re constantly reinvesting in our facilities to ensure that every motor and generator we touch is cared for in a pristine location.

Whether we’re working on a 1,000 KW generator that keeps your operations running smoothly or remanufacturing the perfect motor for your baby on the water, you’ll get expert service in a clean facility that’s specifically designed to return your equipment in pristine condition.

Are Remanufactured Parts Right for Your Motor?

Remanufactured parts offer a wide set of benefits for your operations, efficiencies, and your budget. To determine if those improvements and savings are right for you, we recommend asking yourself just one question:
Why buy new if repairs can get you to a better-than-new status?

Broward Armature & Generator has a commitment to personal service and work quality that means we return your generator, motor, and other equipment in a status that meets or beats your original manufacturer’s specifications.
We have the facilities to test and verify the quality of everything we work on today. And, our experts are able to deliver quality repairs, reconditions, and remanufactures at a lower cost and in a shorter amount of time than it takes to buy new.

To top it all off, we complete all of our own work and can warranty your generator for the same amount of time as a standard warranty for a new generator.