Personal Service & Quality Work

The Right Combination for Success in Marine Engine Repair

The moment a call or website inquiry comes in: this is the moment that the customers at Broward Armature & Generator begin to experience what sets the company apart. Customers first note the great personal service, born from a commitment to take great care of customers.

Mike Brochu, Jr. and his father, Mike Sr., owners of Broward Armature, clearly understand the value of great customer service. Jr. and Sr. both worked for Coulter Corporation for more than a decade. Coulter Corp., then a privately-held worldwide leader in blood cell analysis systems, had a strong reputation in the diagnostic industry for great customer service and support. It was vital to their ongoing success. Mike Sr. and Jr. together spent almost five decades in this environment, with growing responsibilities in sales, marketing, manufacturing and product development.

An Experienced Entrepreneurial Team
After Coulter, the father and son team put their entrepreneurial skills to work at a small business with a focus on instrument development for the diagnostic industry. After only a few years, they grew the small company to become a significant player in the industry, which led to successful acquisition by a large corporation. They followed this success with yet another start-up in biotechnology instruments, and again achieved similar success. The research and clinical diagnostic instruments those companies developed are now being sold and used worldwide.

Through these experiences, Mike Sr. and Jr. learned that, although it is very challenging to provide customers with quality products and personal service on a day-after-day basis, it is only way that they will approach their business. They know that when this is done right, it builds strong customer loyalty and keeps people coming back.

“In order to provide great customer care, you have to really understand the needs of your customer,” says Mike Jr. His experience in medical diagnostic instrument systems was an excellent prelude to building and managing a quality marine engine repair business. Mike Jr. knows his customers: their priorities, concerns and stresses. Jr. and his team personally handle calls and inquiries from many different kinds of customers every day.

Some customers are boaters and marina mechanics, who first need troubleshooting help in identifying the problem, and then need personal attention to obtain a repair price and timeframe. Broward Armature gives them a fair price, a quality job and a quick turnaround, helping them get back in operation quickly. In return, customers develop long-term customer loyalty and refer Broward Armature to others.
Trade Customers: Marine Diesel Engine Sales and Service Companies

Mike Jr.

Many customers are marine diesel engine sales and service companies, who rely on Broward Armature for their unique and special skills in repair of all types and brands of generators and marine engines; thrusters, blowers, anchor winches and more. Mike Jr. and his team are earning their value by delivering personal service backed by high-quality workmanship. Sometimes that means that they have to jump through hoops and work overtime to meet an important deadline request. Sometimes it means refurbishing a rare motor that would be difficult to replace. The marine engine repair industry is finding that they can count on Broward Armature.

“We take good care of our customers,” says Mike Brochu Jr. “We communicate well with them and help them work out a repair plan and schedule; then we deliver on our promise.” Brochu’s personal touch helps to separate them from competitive repair shops who are not able to match the high level of service and responsiveness. Customers appreciate not getting lost in the cue and not having to wait too long to get their motors back.

The result: with Mike Sr. and Jr. at the helm, Broward Armature offers a winning combination: responsive, experienced customer care plus quality, dependable repairs. Put them to the test and see for yourself.